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PageRoost was designed and developed to be a simple, yet flexible content management system. 

We built it with freelance website developers and marketers in mind. 

We truly believe PageRoost will change the way you manage your client sites, making your life easier. Gone are the days of keeping track of URLs, usernames, and passwords for each of your clients' websites. Maintaining content, and updating themes is a breeze. You can even edit stylesheets right in your browser. 

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PageRoost Features and Functionality: 

One less thing to keep track of

In addition to giving you a solitary dashboard to manage all of your client sites, you can also put updates right out of your mind. Unlike other content management systems, you don't need to worry that your sites are ever out of date. 

All PageRoost sites get updates at the same time. And since we maintain all the integrations, you need not worry about your sites breaking.  

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