People who can login and change the site.

Users are allowed to login to the admin portal and make changes to the website. However, by using the fine grained permissions, you may restrict certain users, or certain groups of users, to only access a subset of all the features.


Permissions allow you to control which features a user or group can access in the admin portal. If, for example, you only want someone who be able to access leads data, you can disable page editing, template management, and settings access. Permissions are set on the group level and the user level. This way, a user can inherit permissions from the group they belong to, but permissions can be customized on a per-user basis. Permissions for groups and users both look like the screenshot below.


A group is a way to categorize users, and all users must belong to a group. By default, there is one group of users called "Administrators" though you can create as many groups as you want. The default "Administrators" group has full access to all PageRoost features. Groups have the same permissions options as a user, and any users that belong to a group automatically inherit the permissions from it. A group consists of a name and a set of permissions. You may access groups by clicking on the "Settings" menu, choosing "Users" and then clicking on the "Manage Groups" link below the "Add User" button.

It is important to note that once a user has been created, any changes to the permissions of the group that the user belongs to will not affect the permissions of the user. A user's permissions are only inherited from their group upon initial creation.


Users are the actual people who will login to the admin portal and manage the site. A user belongs to a group and inherits permissions from the group. However, permissions may be adjusted on a per-user basis as well. For example, if you had a group called "Editors" and you only want to let them edit pages, but not create new pages, you would simply revoke that feature for the group. But you've got one editor in the group that you do want to create pages. All you have to do is enable that feature for the one specific user, and that person will gain the ability to create pages, but none of the other users in the "Editors" group will.