Manage core features of your site.

Site settings are broken down into eight sections. From the settings, you can change the site timezone, view and delete redirects, and install plugins.


The name of your site as it's displayed in the "author" meta tag, and as the "from" name on e-mails that the site sends.
Primary Domain
The primary domain of your website. This is used in meta tags and to create links on your website.
Primary E-mail Address
When your website sends e-mail - form autoresponses, password resets, etc - this is the e-mail address that is used as the "from" address.
Your Logo
The logo for your website.
The favicon for your website.
Site Timezone
The timezone where your site is located. This is used when displaying localized times on your website.
Robots File
The contents of your robots.txt file.


Error Page
When your site can't find the requested page, this is the page that will display.
Password Page
If you have assigned usernames and passwords to a page, this is the page that will display and prompt users to login. The selected page must have a "Login" field present on it's template (which the default "Login" template does).
Head Code
Any code entered into this field will appear in the <head> section of your website.
Foot Code
Any code entered into this field will appear before the </body> tag of your website. This is a good place to put JavaScript tracking code.
Head/Foot Code Structure

Since "Head" and "Foot" code exists in three places - globally in the settings, on templates, and on pages - it is important to know the order in which the code in those fields is output. Code entered into the "Head" and "Foot" fields is output like so:

"Head" from Settings
- "Head" from Template
-- "Head" from Page
--- Page Content
-- "Foot" from Page
- "Foot" from Template
"Foot" from Settings


The redirects section is a list of all the redirects for your website. A redirect is automatically generated whenever you change a filename or change the URL of a page. You may delete any redirects you like, but doing so may result in broken links. Delete redirects by clicking the trash can icon - - and then the "Save Settings" button when you are done. To add a custom redirect, click the "Add Redirect" button at the top right of the list and complete the form.

Visitor Tracking

PageRoost has built-in visitor tracking features so it can report on your page views, unique visitors, and leads. You can disable this feature for certain IP addresses by adding them to "Disable Tracking On IP Addresses" field (enter one address per line). You may want to disable visitor tracking for certain IP addresses so traffic from those sources is not considered when calculating page views and unique visitors,


You may prevent someone from accessing your site entirely by adding their IP address into the "Blocked IP Addresses" field. If, for example, someone is abusing a form on your website and spamming you, simply add their IP address into this field (you can find it by viewing the form submission or in the e-mail notification generated by the form submission) and save your settings. The next time they try to access your site, assuming their IP address is the same, they will receive an "Access Denied" message.


Plugins allow you to add functionality and extend the core features of PageRoost. All available plugins will be listed here. To enable a plugin, check it's checkbox and click the "Save Settings" button.


Clear Caches
This button will clear all of the caches used by PageRoost. It will not delete any data from your site. If you are experiencing problems with your site - changes not appearing or other odd behavior - try clicking this button.
Backup Data
When clicked, this button will generate a database backup of your site and download it to your computer. You can use the file with the "Restore Data" button. This does not backup any files uploaded.
Restore Data
This button allows you to upload a file generated by the "Backup Data" function and restore your site to an older version. This does not restore uploaded files.
Delete Leads
Delete all lead and statistical data from your website.