How people get around your website.

What Is Navigation?

Navigation is the way that users get around your website. The links in your header, in your footer, and maybe in other places, too. Instead of using rich text areas with lists of links, using the navigation groups allows you to add styling to "active" navigation elements and easily create dropdown menus.

Navigation is really two things: "Navigation Groups" and "Navigation Items". A "Navigation Group" contains "Navigation Items". You would have a "Navigation Group" called "Primary Navigation" and it would contain "Navigation Items" for things like "Home" and "Contact Us." When you use navigation in your templates and pages, you select a "Navigation Group" to display.

Creating Navigation Groups

Access the "Navigation" page by clicking on the "Content" menu and selecting the "Navigation" option.

  • Click the "Add Navigation Group" button.
  • Enter a name into the "Navigation Group Name" dialog and click "OK."
  • The page will reload and a new empty group will be listed.

Editing Navigation Groups

After you have created a navigation group, you can change it's name by clicking on the name in the header. To save the change, just press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. To cancel the edit, press the "Escape" key on your keyboard.

You may delete a navigation group by clicking the trash can icon - - to the left of the group name.

To reorder a navigation group, grab the handle icon to the left of a navigation item name - - and drag the navigation item to the desired location. You may move navigation items between groups in the same way.

To add a new navigation item below an existing item (to "nest" the item), click on the "Add Navigation Item" link - - next to the name of the item you want to add an item below.

To move an existing navigation item below another existing item that does not have any children, click the "Add Children Container" link - - and a new area will appear that you can drag navigation items into.

Creating Navigation Items

To create a navigation iten, you must first have a navigation group (refer to the section above). Once you've created a navigation group, click the "Add Navigation" button to the right of the navigation group name.

Link Text
This is what users will see and click on.
If you wish to nest the navigation item below another item (useful for creating dropdown navigation), select the navigation item you wish to nest the new item below. To create a top level navigation item, select "Top Level" in this field.
Link To
This field determines where (if anywhere) this navigation item should link to.
  • Existing Page - Allows you to choose from a list of pages that currently exist on your site.
  • New Page - Allows you to create a new page from a template and link to it upon creation/update of the navigation item.
  • External URL - Link to an external URL
  • Menu Label - Do not display a link at all, instead just display the text in "Link Text"
New Page Name
If "Link To" is set to "New Page" this will be the name of the new page that is created when the navigation item is saved.
New Page Template
If "Link To" is set to "New Page" this will be the template that the new page uses.
Open Link In
Where the link should open. The "A New Window" option is useful when using an external URL or linking to a file such as a PDF.
URL Parameters
This field allows you to add extra parameters to the URL. This could be useful for tracking how users navigate through your site.

Editing Navigation Items

To edit a navigation item, access the "Navigation" page and click on the name of the navigation item you wish to edit, or the pencil icon - - associated with it. Refer to the "Creating Navigation Items" section for detail about navigation item fields.

Using Navigation

To use a navigation group, you must create a template or a block with a navigation field on it. Then you can select the navigation to display on the template or block. Additionally, on templates, you can lock the field or you can leave the field unlocked and allow your administrators to set the navigation group when they are creating or editing pages that use the template.