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What are Leads?

Leads are people who have visited your website and submitted a form. PageRoost keeps track of your leads and what they've been doing on your website.


The "Overview" page, accessible by clicking on the "Leads" menu and choosing the "Overview" option, shows you a chart of the past month and how many leads your site generated during that time. Below the chart are four boxes that display (1) total leads generated today; (2) the average for the past 90 days; (3) the best day you've had and; (4) the total number of leads your site has generated.

Below the totals are groups for displaying new leads generated today, any leads that returned to your site today, and where leads for the past 90 days came from.

Viewing All Leads

To view all leads your website has generated, click the "Leads" menu and choose the "View All" option. The page that opens will display all leads that your website has ever generated (or since the last time you clicked the "Delete Leads" button in settings). To view the full detail for a lead, click on their name.

The detail view for a lead will show the separate visits to your website, which pages were viewed during each visit, and which forms were submitted. In addition, any information submitted through forms will display alongside the visit data.

Form Submissions

You may view the individual form submissions which will show you only the fields that were completed for a specific form. For a better overview of all lead data, including the pages they viewed on your website, click on the "Leads" menu and choose the "View All" option.