Why PageRoost?

Posted by LO on August 5, 2015

Several years ago, when Geoff was bringing on his first clients, he knew one thing was certain: the content management systems out there were clunky, heavy, and most of them didn't provide a simple way to build just a simple website. WordPress is a blogging platform, and while it's transformed in the last few years, that's still what it does best. Drupal and Joomla are monsters. What was the alternative for a web developer who needed functionality and flexibility?

Well, the alternative, for us, was to build our own content management system. So Geoff set out to do exactly that. Soon he had built a self-hosted CMS that nearly all of our Plan8 Studios clients were using. It was simple and easy to use for our clients, and it made Geoff's life so much easier when it came time to building client websites.

First came Neptune; then came PageRoost

After a few revisions, and add-ons, Geoff decided it was time to give Neptune a complete overhaul. In the few short years since it had been released, a lot had changed in the world of web development. And we both wanted a product that would be mobile friendly out of the box, and include some features that we'd seen in other content managers (like form autoresponders, lead tracking, and simple analytics).

Geoff quickly got to work and began building the new version of Neptune. As he continued to work on it, we realized that life would be so much easier if it was a hosted service (rather than self-hosted). Then we could roll out updates to everyone. We could keep the software updated for everyone. And never have to worry about have 30 clients each on their own outdated version of the software.

Next thing we knew, Geoff was working on a piece of software that we both think everyone, developers, marketers, designers, would want to be using. With a little rebranding, Neptune became PageRoost, and here we are today.

PageRoost was developed with care and input from developers and marketers. We wanted a system that would be easy enough for even the most tech-illiterate clients, but still flexible and functional enough for experienced developers and designers. And we think that's exactly what PageRoost is today.

Just take a peek at some of the features in PageRoost:

  • Page Editing
  • Password Protection for Pages
  • Content Collections
  • Drag and Drop Grid Editor
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Content Blocks
  • File Management
  • Edit Code in Your Browser
  • LESS Support
  • Custom CSS Attributes and Inline Styles
  • Extra Attributes
  • Surrounding HTML
  • Simple Form Creation
  • Form Autoresponders
  • Form Spam Prevention
  • Navigation Groups
  • Lead Tracking
  • Fine Grained User Permissions
  • User Groups & Permissions
  • Backup and Restore
  • Global Head and Foot Code
  • Edit Robots Text File
  • Block IP Addresses

We're still adding new features and functionality, so be on the lookout for those updates here on the blog. If you want to sign up and give PageRoost a test drive today, please check out our free account. If you want a one-on-one software demo, just head over here and fill out the form.