New Year, New Features!

Posted by Geoff Oliver on January 2, 2016

Happy new year, everybody! We've made some changes to PageRoost and we would like to tell you about them :-) The interface got a bit of a facelift, we changed how PageRoost sends email, and we fixed some bugs. Check it out...

First up are the interface changes. We've made a number of improvements that make PageRoost easier and faster to use than ever.

  • Pagination is stuck to the lower right corner of your browser so you don't have to scroll all the way through lists (of pages, templates, collections, files, etc) to jump through pages.
  • The page editor remembers the sizing of the preview and editing panel.
  • We slightly shrunk the header to give you more vertical room to work.
  • The grid editor - templates, collections, blocks, and forms - header has been condensed to give you more vertical room.
  • On pages with a column on the left - settings, pages, templates, and just about everywhere else - we have made the column sticky so when the page scrolls, the column stays put. This especially makes the "Settings" page easier to navigate.
  • Finally, we changed out Helvetica for the beautiful Roboto font by Christian Robertson.

Next - email. Everyone knows that email sucks. Making sure emails are delivered and not marked as spam is a never ending nightmare that I wouldn't wish on anyone. So, to remove some suckage from our lives, we have offloaded the responsibility of sending email to SendGrid. Whenever PageRoost sends an email - to you or when it sends an autoresponse to a lead - that email is routed through SendGrid.

We fixed a handful of bugs which, of course, makes everyone happy. Most likely, nobody actually came face-to-face with any of the bugs we fixed, but they've been fixed nonetheless. There was an issue with the template editor that wouldn't let you move a newly created field without moving the whole row that we fixed. We also fixed a bug with the MailChimp plugin that would cause only the first 10 lists to show as lead sync destinations. Call us Orkin because we love killing bugs.

And that's about it! Nothing too terribly exciting, but who doesn't like new stuff?