Conversions, Leads, and Spectators -- oh my!

Posted by LO on September 11, 2015

We've gone over how PageRoost can help web developers manage their clients' websites, but today I want to talk about some of the features that will make marketers excited.

One of my favorite aspects of PageRoost is its ability to track visits and leads within the software. While I'll always encourage adding Google Analytics or some other more advanced tracking software, the built-in snapshots you get within PageRoost is a welcome feature.

Leads are something you probably want to track. Or at the very least, your clients are interested. PageRoost's Leads dashboard shows you all of the visitors who have filled out a form on your site. It's pretty cool.

(last names and emails removed to protect these sample leads)

You can also check out your average conversion rates, best days, and returning leads on the Conversions dashboard.

The secret weapon, in PageRoost's arsenal, is the Spectators dashboard.

The Spectators dashboard shows you where your visitors are coming from, the number of pages viewed, and whether or not any forms were submitted from those visitors with the same fingerprint. It may seem like unnecessary information, but when you start to see similarities in location or time visited, you can start making smarter choices about your content, and business.

Like all aspects of PageRoost, Conversions, Leads, and Spectators, give you a simple but effective tool to measure your marketing efforts. It's a snapshot of the activity happening on your website that should help you create smarter marketing plans and content for your clients.

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